Debt Settlement

Of all the debt relief options available to the consumer, debt settlement is the fastest and the easiest way to eliminate credit card debt and other unsecured debts! Debt settlement also makes the most economic sense.
Concord Law Group has been helping families and individuals get relief from high credit card debt from various backgrounds and have helped thousands of Americans save millions in unsecured debt.
In the difficult economic times that we are facing creditors are becoming increasingly willing to accept settlement. Due to the fact the creditors are in a position to take substantial losses if your entire debt goes unpaid they have proven time and again more than willing to reduce your debt in many instances by up to 60%.

Save up to 60% or more!

Debt settlement is designed to help you eliminate your debt in 12 to 36 months, NOT years! If you only make the minimum payments on your debt, it could take you more than 35 years to become debt free, depending on your interest rate and other factors.
Through debt settlement, you can obtain total debt relief on your unsecured debt, without giving up control of your finances the way that bankruptcy and consumer credit counseling insist that you do.
You can save up to 60% or more, rather than paying outrageous interest and fees that quite often equal 3 times what was originally owed. Unsecured debt elimination, through debt settlement, is a tried and proven method of debt relief which gives you the opportunity to reduce your outstanding balances and get out of debt fast!

Increase your interest rate

Your credit card agreement contains a universal default clause which gives your creditor the legal right to increase your interest rate at will. It may be triggered by a late payment, possibly even a late payment on a completely different credit card.
It can also be increased if the creditor “feels” you have become a “high credit risk”! That seems a little ambiguous, doesn’t it? And this information is only available to you once in receipt of your next bill! Even without adding more debt to your credit cards and all the while paying your monthly required minimum payment, over time you will have paid back 3-5 times your debt in interest alone!

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Can't Sleep at night?

Are you losing sleep due to your extraordinarily high credit card debt?

The Ugly Truth About Paying Credit Card Minimums:

Making the required minimum monthly payments on your credit cards is a waste of valuable time and money. By making minimum monthly payments, it takes the average human being on average anywhere from 35-40 years to pay off their debt!

Penalty fees associated with credit cards have increased over 300% in the last 5 years alone and these fees will continue to increase! You are paying interest in addition to these fees!